Hervey Bay QPT

Hervey Bay is excited to host its first Pickleball tournament! We have a dozen dedicated outdoor courts, the weather in August is usually 22-25 degrees and sunny, the whales are out, and importantly the weather mostly sucks down south so it’s the perfect time to visit 🥰


  • We have 12 dedicated outdoor Pickleball courts in the middle of town (dozens of food outlets & main shopping centre within a few hundred metres!). Negotiating hire of PCYC next door for 6 further indoor courts
  • Thursday is a group whale watching and K’gari (Fraser Island) tour
  • Friday from lunchtime singles, that way Sunday we can finish earlier for travelling home
  • Friday evening we’ll have a group buffet dinner at the Clubhouse function room overlooking the 9th and 18th green (RSVP form)
  • Saturday is Gender Doubles (& singles if not on Friday)
  • Sunday is Mixed Doubles

Facebook Group:

Keep updated with the events and various related materials, along with other regional events we are hosting!

Register your entry on Pickleball Brackets:

Our Courts and Location

Our courts are bang in the middle of town! Google “Hervey Bay Pickleball” for complete directions. Below is a little map. There is heaps of parking, and we have developed old netball courts into 12 dedicated Pickleball courts, of which 8 will have completed re-surfacing with permanent nets come August. Each court is individually fenced so very few balls come running through mid game. We are finalising the leasing agreement of the PCYC next door which will give us 6 indoor courts bringing us to 18 total!

Within 100m to 300m walk we have Red Rooster, McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Natural Noodle, Hungry Jacks, Guzman y Gomez, and Stocklands with over a hundred shops. 

Food and Facilities

Given the tournament isn’t until August a full menu isn’t ready however expect breakfast items, lunch items, snacks and drinks available all day. A coffee van will be on site from early until sales die off midday-ish.

Naturally we will have toilets. Showers are to be determined pending next door PCYC hire. There will be plenty of shade and seating.

Event Run Through

Please join our tournament Facebook group for more event details and updates as they come:


Optional group activity, please book yourself ASAP to secure a spot (this is peak season, you will not be able to book a week or two out!), and RSVP on the Facebook event so everyone can see who is going 😀

This full day excursion ticks off 2 big ticket items in one day!

  • View humpback whales during peak season in the morning with a 7am departure. Because of the island protection and calm seas this area is full of breeding whales far more than down south
  • Be dropped off to K’gari (Fraser Island) at lunch time
  • Your choice of poolside lunch at The Sand Bar (menu:
  • Use of the island’s western beach, four lagoon-style swimming pools, and walking trails along with full access to all resort facilities.
  • Depart on the 2:30pm or 5:00pm barge back to River Heads where you’ll be greeted with a bus back to Great Sandy Straits Marina or your accommodation


Lunch time: Singles

Evening: Dinner function at the Clubhouse Hervey Bay private function room overlooking the 9th and 18th greens. $60 per head for all you can eat buffet, veg option available. Drinks available for purchase at the bar. Please RSVP on the website, we’ll contact 3 weeks out to confirm and take payment so we can pre-pay the venue.


Morning: Gender Doubles

Afternoon: Gender Doubles


Morning: Mixed Doubles

Afternoon: Mixed Doubles


With 37 divisions there is a spot for everyone! We have aged divisions or all ages 4.0+ skill level division.

19 years +

2.99 and UnderMixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles
3.0+Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles

35 years +

2.99 and UnderMixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles
3.0+Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles

50 years +

2.99 and UnderMixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles
3.0+Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles

60 years +

2.99 and UnderMixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles
3.0 – 3.5Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles
3.5+Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles
3.0+Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles

4.0 skill +

Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles


Google exists so will keep this short and to the point, for all available options you can Google it 🙂Hervey Bay is fantastic this time of year.

Whale Watching

  • What: Witness humpback whales in their natural habitat.
  • Where: Tours depart from Hervey Bay Marina.
  • Tip: Book in advance as this is peak whale watching season.

Visit K’gari (Fraser Island)

  • What: Explore the world’s largest sand island, known for its unique wildlife and beautiful lakes
  • How to Get There: Ferry services from River Heads, a short drive from Hervey Bay. Accommodation pickup offered by some tour providers.
  • Must-See: Lake McKenzie, 75 Mile Beach, and the Maheno Shipwreck.

Enjoy the Esplanade

  • What: Stroll along the scenic waterfront, with cafes and shops.
  • Activity: Rent a bike or join a guided tour.

Botanic Gardens

  • What: Relax in the serene gardens featuring local flora.
  • Location: Elizabeth Street, Urangan.

Reef World Aquarium

  • What: See local marine life up close.
  • Location: On the Esplanade near Urangan Harbour.

Historical Village and Museum

  • What: Learn about the local history.
  • Location: Zephyr Street, Scarness.

Fishing and Water Sports

  • What: Enjoy fishing, kayaking, or jet skiing.
  • Where: Various locations along the beach.

Sunset at Urangan Pier

  • What: Experience a stunning sunset.
  • Where: The iconic Urangan Pier

Mini Golf Hervey Bay

Partner Accommodation

If you are looking to stay for an extended period look at the Esplanade accommodation options. For weekend options we recommend:

Comfort Inn on Main

Walking distance to the courts!
Phone (07) 4128 3666
Email: [email protected]

By staying at the Comfort Inn guests receive a 20% off discount of all meals at the Hervey Bay RSL and the Clubhouse Hervey Bay (excluding Friday pre-dinner function being a set menu function).

Hervey Bay Motel

Phone 4128 9377
518, Esplanade Urangan
Email: [email protected]

Guests receive 20% discount off meals at the Bayswater Bar & Grill (just need to show room key)


Hervey Bay RSL
Live music, restaurant, cafe. Very cheap drinks. Bookings recommended for weekend nights or large tables.

Bay Central Tavern
Across the road from the courts. Large deck, meals, big screen sports.
Bookings recommended for weekend nights.

Tres Salsa
Highly rated Mexican dining on the Esplanade. Bookings essential. 

Clubhouse Hervey Bay
At the golf club ~1km from our courts. Nice meals. Bookings recommended for weekend nights.

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Hervey Bay QPT Dinner

Friday night, 6pm at the Clubhouse Hervey Bay function room overlooking the 9th and 18th green with a dedicated bar.

All you can eat buffet dinner included, $60 per person

Please register ASAP so we can confirm estimated numbers for the venue. We’ll be in touch for payment closer to the time.

Additional Attendees
First Name
Last Name
For simplicity please add your name in here also
Buffet Preference
We’ll simply book the most popular!
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Hervey Bay Regional Pickleball Carnival

Sat 4th May – Social / Beginner

Sun 5th May Intermediate / Advanced

Enter your team of 4 into the appropriate division. Each day’s play will run from 10am to 3pm depending on the amount of entries to allow travel time either side for those nearby.

Standard TournamentsOur Carnival
Competitive and lots of focus on winningAs serious as you want it to be! Don’t need to be competitive to enter
Only a few pool games if you don’t win poolsBig round robin! Lots of games for everyone
All scores must be recorded and are online ‘forever’Optional! Score if you want to see your team position on the ladder at the end
$60+ entry fee plus accommodation$30 per player including lunch 🥳 Can travel on the same day if you don’t want to stay the weekend
Lots of waiting around and delaysIt’s game time outside rest breaks!
Hours between divisionsMix around with your 3 team mates all day
Once games are over that’s itGames all day and if you’re wanting more you can stay back and play!

How It Works

  • Enter a mixed team of 4
  • Select beginner or intermediate/advanced division
  • We’ll adjust pools depending on number of entries
  • It’s a big round robin, so you’ll play everyone in your pool
  • There are 2 games per ’round’ so 4 games per ‘match-up’. Pick any 2 of your players to play 2 of their players on one court, and the remaining 4 will play on the other court. Once the siren goes, swap and play the others. This means you can constantly swap around: you can play gender, play mixed, if there are stronger players they can play off etc
  • Games are timed to 10 – 12 minutes depending on how long it’s taking to get a result
  • If you want to participate in the ladder simply write your wins down. Ladder is ranked by the number of wins!


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Thursday Individual Fixtures

HBPC is excited to announce a new weekly session for members called “Individual Fixtures” running on Thursday Nights.  This session will be played as a doubles format.  Each week that you “opt in” you will play in groups based on games results ranking and will partner with each player in your group. The ‘league’ session will be run through Pickleball Brackets which allows all game scores to be entered into the system and then contribute to your club ranking score. Players can move up and down groups each week depending on their game results. The new session will be starting next Thursday 15 February from 6pm -8:30pm.  This individual league will start off as a trial and will run for 10 weeks.  At anytime during this trial if you have any feedback or suggestions please don’t hesitate to let us know at any time.

Session details:

  • All players who select ‘opt in’ via pickelball brackets each week are ranked and grouped with players of a similar skill.
  • Pickleball Brackets will sort players into groups based on skill levels and will automatically create the partner pairings based on this ranking and create game cards.
  • Scores will be entered into Pickleball Brackets which will change ratings weekly
  • Pickleball Brackets will automatically move the bottom 2 from group above down and top 2 from group below allowing players to progress to more competitive games as their rating improves.

Benefits of this league:

  • You will play with and against different players each week
  • Expect competitive games due to players being of a similar skill level being grouped together
  • There is no commitment to playing every week.  If you are unable to play or wish to have a week off, simply don’t ‘opt in’ via the Pickleball Brackets website
  • Results of games in this league do NOT affect your skill ranking in Pickleball Brackets

Session Registration:

One Off:

  1. Become a member of Hervey Bay Pickleball Club (and by affiliation Pickleball QLD & Australia)
  2. Create a Free Pickleball Brackets account (How to Guide)
  3. Join HBPC Club on Pickleball Brackets (How to Guide)
  4. Join HBPC Thursday Individual League on Pickleball Brackets (How to Guide)

Each Week:

Once you have joined the league, you can “OPT IN” to play each week.  Cost is $10 per week for members and registrations open 6 days before and close 24 hours (6pm Wednesday) before session. Make sure to do this each week you want to play because groups and sorted and game cards printed in advance.

If you need any assistance please contact Sue Brooks (Facebook Messenger or 0407412800) or Bryant King (Facebook Messenger or 0403613926) 

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Tuesday Team Fixtures 2024 Season 1

There is a lot of text below for new players to make sure all possible questions are answered, rest assured it’s simple 🙂

For the first night if you are available please come 30 minutes early so plenty of time to setup a net, meet your team, ask any questions and warm up before games.

For usual nights please arrive 15 minutes before to setup nets if you’re on a court without a permanent net. Unlike social everyone starts together so please make sure you’re on court warming up by 6pm.


The teams are ranked from 1-4.

All matches are doubles and 3 games per combination. 

1 and 4 will play 1 and 4 on one court, while 2 and 3 play 2 and 3 on the other court.

1 and 2 play while 3 and 4 play, then lastly 1 and 3 play while 2 and 4 play.

You’ll play your opposite number all night who will be a similar level, with one partner swapping for a variety of different skilled games.

Please note your teams court allocation as it changes each week


Write down the scores of each game into the corresponding sports on the scorecard. Do this each game otherwise you will forget!!

At the end of the night tally the amount of wins.

The wins each week add to your season score. Simply, the team with the most wins by season end is the winner!

Bonus: this season each team has one “point doubler!”. This can be redeemed on any of the first 9 rounds (i.e. before any double ups) by notifying Bryant before the night begins once you see the team sheets. This will double your wins for the night! Choose to use it carefully to maximise the value.

The overall season ladder is on the sign-on table each week so you can see progress.

When your team has a bye you are awarded 9 wins (half the games). Unfortunately one team has 2 byes due to the number of teams and season length.


If you can’t play, please first contact your corresponding number in the bye team that week. Being regular players they get first dibs so they can play all season.

If they are unavailable, please contact the reserves with corresponding rank.

If all of these are unavailable, you can contact other reserves with 1 rank above/below.

Please message Bryant with who your reserve is as he’ll write the team sheets in advance each night.

If your team is short a player those games are forfeited so will lose points plus have only half a night, please don’t let them down!

Please note: reserves WILL be swapped around as required to make teams as fair as possible, especially if two teams playing each other have a few reserves that night, so it’s a waste of time getting a player way better than you as a sneaky sub 😂


If it rains the week is skipped unfortunately. No team receives any points including the bye team.

$10 a week for club members, $12 a week for non members. Membership information.

The season has commenced but you’re welcome to go down as a reserve!
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Come and Try Day

Hervey Bay Pickleball Club is hosting a free come and try day Sunday 5th November 7-10am. Bring your friends and family, we’ll have experienced players around to show you the ropes of the world’s fastest growing game! Suitable for all ages and abilities.

$5 generous bacon & egg rolls available, we’re also doing a money board and a raffle.

Best parking is via the library entrance on Old Maryborough Rd and drive to the gravel carpark at the back. Otherwise O’Rourke St drive around the side of the PCYC (our facility is the old netball courts for those that remember!)

For existing players who can assist please RSVP on TeamReach.

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Bundy Paddle Battle

Hervey Bay vs Bundaberg battle it out again to claim bragging rights as the best club in the region!

Games will be a mixture of round robin Hervey Bay vs Bundy players, with winning scores being tallied towards each club. On the day each player will be ranked, and will play their opposite number with a variety of opponents. Likely format will be 1-10 ranked players, 11-20 players, all mixed up. So for example 1+6 HB vs 1+6 Bundy. 2+9 HB vs 2+9 Bundy. Will make sure everyone has a few hours of well matched games so whether you’re semi-pro or starting out you’ll have a good time!

The winner will be the club with the most wins.

Sausage sizzle included.

Based on previous events 20-25 players per club will compete. If both clubs have excess registrations we’ll expand the number of players. Due to the format we need equal players from both clubs.

Location: Hervey Bay Pickleball Courts, 9 O’Rourke St (Behind PCYC)
Day: October 7 2023
Time: 2pm to 7pm
Price: $20

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