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PICKLEBALL QUEENSLAND MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE IS UNAVAILABLE. ESTIMATED RESOLUTION 24-28TH JUNE. Until then new members can’t join the club. Sorry for the inconvenience, feel free to check back or send us a message from the contact page and we can notify you when back up and running.

Hervey Bay Pickleball Club is an affiliated member of the Pickleball Association of Queensland.

Becoming a member of our club, and in turn Pickleball Queensland and Pickleball Australia, provides the following benefits:

Membership Levels

Non MemberAffiliated Member“Unlimited” Member
Public Liability Insurance – $20 million limit✔️✔️✔️
Discounted Sessions✔️✔️
Vote at GM & AGM✔️✔️
Sanctioned Tournaments✔️✔️
Pickleball Australia Membership✔️✔️
Personal Injury Insurance (PDS) during club run sessions✔️✔️
Unlimited Court Hire (Day)✔️
Unlimited Fixtures & Social Sessions✔️
Yearly price (365 days from joining, not aligned Jan->Dec)$65 / yr Adult
$52.50 / yr Seniors
$52.50 / yr Juniors
$60 / month prepaid yearly
Bank transfer to club

Session Prices (starting 1st November 2023, session prices before this date are per “affiliated member” column)

Non MemberAffiliated Member“Unlimited” Member
Fixtures$12$10Included ($2 for Thursday to cover Pickleball Brackets cost)
Pizza Night$12$10$5
Skills and Drills$20$15$10
Court Hire (per court)$15 / hr$10 / hrIncluded

To join please register on the PAQ website and select Hervey Bay for the club.

For unlimited registration, please register below (if you aren’t already a member) and email us and the remaining balance can be paid to the club via bank transfer. If you’re mid-membership we’ll pro-rata to the months remaining so your unlimited upgrade aligns to your membership date (months remaining * $60 = pro-rata first year price).

Unlimited Membership

Our unlimited session package offers one easy payment for regular players at a discounted rate, as a club our goal is max participation, not putting players in a position to pick and choose which sessions to play. It’s especially good value for our speciality sessions or those hiring courts during the week. For irregular players normal PAYG remains your best option.

SessionTimes Per YearPAYG
Team Fixtures40$400
Individual Fixtures40$400
Court Hire0$0
Total Per Year$1000

If you hire courts before sessions or any other time it becomes even more valuable.