Become A Member

Hervey Bay Pickleball Club is an affiliated member of the Pickleball Association of Queensland.

Becoming a member of our club, and in turn Pickleball Queensland and Pickleball Australia, provides the following benefits:

Membership Levels

Non MemberAffiliated Member“Unlimited” Member
Public Liability Insurance – $20 million limit✔️✔️✔️
Discounted Sessions✔️✔️
Vote at GM & AGM✔️✔️
Sanctioned Tournaments✔️✔️
Pickleball Australia Membership✔️✔️
Personal Injury Insurance (PDS) during club run sessions✔️✔️
Unlimited Court Hire (Day)✔️
Unlimited Fixtures & Social Sessions✔️
Yearly price (365 days from joining, not aligned Jan->Dec)$65 / yr Adult
$52.50 / yr Seniors
$52.50 / yr Juniors
$550 / yr everyone

Session Prices (starting 1st November 2023, session prices before this date are per “affiliated member” column)

Non MemberAffiliated Member“Unlimited” Member
Pizza Night$12$10$5
Skills and Drills$20$15$10
Court Hire (per court)$10 / hr$5 / hrIncluded

To join please register on the PAQ website and select Hervey Bay for the club.

For unlimited registration, please register below (if you aren’t already a member) and email us and the remaining balance can be paid to the club via bank transfer. If you’re mid-membership we’ll pro-rata to the months remaining so your unlimited upgrade aligns to your membership date (months remaining * $40 = pro-rata first year price).