Code of Conduct

For members, players, visitors and spectators

  • Adhere to the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship and always play by the rules
  •  Respect the decisions of all officials, including but not limited to, coaches and referees
  • Respect everybody at all times
  • Never engage in behaviour that is rude, discriminatory, offensive, abusive, or harasses others
  • Speak up if you are worried or concerned about something, have a say about what you are involved in or speak to a committee member
  • Show respect and care for the facilities and equipment made available to you.
  • Always consider the safety and wellbeing of others
  • Don’t engage in inappropriate conduct including the use of offensive language, mistreatment of equipment, including your own, or be adversely affected by drug use, including the consumption of alcohol and smoking, whilst in attendance at the courts.
  • At Club playing sessions, social functions and whilst wearing club branded attire in the public arena, be sure to behave appropriately and not attend or wear club branded attire if you are adversely affected by drugs including alcohol.

Code of Conduct Incidents and Reporting Procedure

 If an incident occurs that you believe is in breach of the COC.

While on the courts playing either socially or competitively.

  1. Player to stop the play/call Time Out if needed, and report the issue to the Session Organiser.
  2. The Session Organiser together with a Committee member when available, is to manage the situation via discussion/mediation with the players involved.
  3. Ask the player(s) to cease any behavior that is in breach of the Code of Conduct.
  4. Give a warning but, if the negative behavior/breach continues, the Session Organiser/Committee member will request that the player, who is the subject of the incident, leaves the courts and/or premises if necessary.
  5. The Session Organiser is to ask for support from a committee member whenever possible. A female session organiser should also be able to ask for assistance from a senior male player if necessary.
  6. Complete the Code of Conduct Incident Report Form on the website, the committee will discuss and take appropriate action

Incident Reporting Form

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