Monthly Regional Ladder

Next event: 4th August 9am to 12pm

With 15 dedicated outdoor Pickleball courts Hervey Bay is hosting the largest King of the Court (Ladder) in Australia!

Pencil in the first Sunday of the month for hours of games ranging from beginners to medal winning open players, followed by an optional lunch and drink at the Clubhouse Hervey Bay.

In time we can expand to two sessions to accommodate more players, for now capacity is strictly limited at 60 players so register ASAP to secure your spot!

How it works is simple:

  • Everyone starts on courts
  • Games are timed to 9-11 minutes
  • At the end, winners move upwards and split. Losers move downwards and split

This format gives you the opportunity to play different people at a similar skill level, as you move downwards you’ll win and jump back up, as you move upwards you’ll play better players and drop down.


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