Hervey Bay Regional Pickleball Carnival

Sat 4th May – Social / Beginner

Sun 5th May Intermediate / Advanced

Enter your team of 4 into the appropriate division. Each day’s play will run from 10am to 3pm depending on the amount of entries to allow travel time either side for those nearby.

Standard TournamentsOur Carnival
Competitive and lots of focus on winningAs serious as you want it to be! Don’t need to be competitive to enter
Only a few pool games if you don’t win poolsBig round robin! Lots of games for everyone
All scores must be recorded and are online ‘forever’Optional! Score if you want to see your team position on the ladder at the end
$60+ entry fee plus accommodation$30 per player including lunch 🥳 Can travel on the same day if you don’t want to stay the weekend
Lots of waiting around and delaysIt’s game time outside rest breaks!
Hours between divisionsMix around with your 3 team mates all day
Once games are over that’s itGames all day and if you’re wanting more you can stay back and play!

How It Works

  • Enter a mixed team of 4
  • Select beginner or intermediate/advanced division
  • We’ll adjust pools depending on number of entries
  • It’s a big round robin, so you’ll play everyone in your pool
  • There are 2 games per ’round’ so 4 games per ‘match-up’. Pick any 2 of your players to play 2 of their players on one court, and the remaining 4 will play on the other court. Once the siren goes, swap and play the others. This means you can constantly swap around: you can play gender, play mixed, if there are stronger players they can play off etc
  • Games are timed to 10 – 12 minutes depending on how long it’s taking to get a result
  • If you want to participate in the ladder simply write your wins down. Ladder is ranked by the number of wins!