Thursday Individual Fixtures

This session is played as a doubles format.  Each week that you “opt in” you will play in groups based on games results ranking and will partner with each player in your group. The ‘league’ session runs through Pickleball Brackets which allows all game scores to be entered into the system and then contribute to your club ranking score. Players can move up and down groups each week depending on their game results. It runs from 6pm to approx 8 – 8:30pm.

Session details:

  • All players who select ‘opt in’ via pickelball brackets each week are ranked and grouped with players of a similar skill.
  • Pickleball Brackets will sort players into groups based on skill levels and will automatically create the partner pairings based on this ranking and create game cards.
  • Scores will be entered into Pickleball Brackets which will change ratings weekly
  • Pickleball Brackets will automatically move the bottom 2 from group above down and top 2 from group below allowing players to progress to more competitive games as their rating improves.

Benefits of this league:

  • You will play with and against different players each week
  • Expect competitive games due to players being of a similar skill level being grouped together
  • There is no commitment to playing every week.  If you are unable to play or wish to have a week off, simply don’t ‘opt in’ via the Pickleball Brackets website
  • Results of games in this league do NOT affect your skill ranking in Pickleball Brackets

Session Registration:

One Off:

  1. Become a member of Hervey Bay Pickleball Club (and by affiliation Pickleball QLD & Australia)
  2. Create a Free Pickleball Brackets account (How to Guide)
  3. Join HBPC Club on Pickleball Brackets (How to Guide)
  4. Join HBPC Thursday Individual League on Pickleball Brackets (How to Guide)

Each Week:

Once you have joined the league, you can “OPT IN” to play each week.  Cost is $10 per week for members ($2 for unlimited members to cover the PB fee) and registrations open 6 days before and close 24 hours (6pm Wednesday) before session. Make sure to do this each week you want to play because groups and sorted and game cards printed in advance.

If you need any assistance please message Bryant King (Facebook Messenger or 0403613926) or contact the club, or committee member.