Beginner Skills and Drills

Our beginner skills and drills session is a great way to learn the fundamentals of Pickleball in a no pressure, fun environment!

Each player is on a court with 3 or 4 players and a helper.

We cover the fundamental skills and techniques of Pickleball:

  • Serving
  • Returning
  • Positioning and Footwork
  • Volleying
  • Shot selection
  • Basic strategy for winning

These drills involve 2 people so you can practice with a friend these exact techniques on your own time if you wish to hone them. Otherwise, you understand the fundamentals to pay attention for during a game environment. It can be hard to learn during just playing a game because there is a large focus on winning, rather than understanding how a point is constructed and what shots are good and bad.

Please submit a registration form per player. Our skills and drills sessions are only $20 for a non member ($15 for members) for a 90 minute, hands on session with an experienced player. Can free play for 30 minutes afterwards and try to put into practice!

Beginner Skills and Drills

There is only 1 spot left for this Saturday, please only register if you will attend. If you end up being unable to make it let us know and we’ll contact the waitlist 😀
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