Tuesday Team Fixtures 2024 Season 2

Term 3 Registrations

Tuesday 9th July to 9th September – 10 weeks.

Looking at A Grade, B Grade pending entries. You can see example draws below.

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There is a lot of text below for new players to make sure all possible questions are answered, rest assured it’s simple 🙂

For the first night if you are available please come 30 minutes early so plenty of time to setup a net, meet your team, ask any questions and warm up before games.

For usual nights please arrive 15 minutes before to setup nets if you’re on a court without a permanent net. Unlike social everyone starts together so please make sure you’re on court warming up by 6pm.


The teams are ranked from 1-4.

All matches are doubles and 3 games per combination. 

1 and 4 will play 1 and 4 on one court, while 2 and 3 play 2 and 3 on the other court.

1 and 2 play while 3 and 4 play, then lastly 1 and 3 play while 2 and 4 play.

You’ll play your opposite number all night who will be a similar level, with one partner swapping for a variety of different skilled games.

Please note your teams court allocation as it changes each week


Write down the scores of each game into the corresponding sports on the scorecard. Do this each game otherwise you will forget!!

At the end of the night tally the amount of wins.

The wins each week add to your season score. Simply, the team with the most wins by season end is the winner!


For the finals it will be 1 v 2, 3 v 4. For B grade, 5 v 6 also.

Should the final week unfortunately be rained out, the ladder will remain as-is.


If you can’t play, please first contact your corresponding number in the bye team that week. Being regular players they get first dibs so they can play all season.

If they are unavailable, please contact the reserves with corresponding rank.

If all of these are unavailable, you can contact other reserves with 1 rank above/below.

Please message Bryant with who your reserve is as he’ll write the team sheets in advance each night.

If your team is short a player those games are forfeited so will lose points plus have only half a night, please don’t let them down!

Please note: reserves WILL be swapped around as required to make teams as fair as possible, especially if two teams playing each other have a few reserves that night, so it’s a waste of time getting a player way better than you as a sneaky sub 😂


If it rains the week is skipped unfortunately. No team receives any points including the bye team.

$10 a week for club members, $12 a week for non members. Membership information.